Nail Newbies: Review of imPress Manis

Most girls go crazy over nails. Not me.

I’ve been getting my nails done at the same L.A. Perfection Nail Salon since I was in 8th grade. Yes, acrylics since I was 14 years old. I played 2 sports in high school with those bad boys on! However, all good things must come to an end…I couldn’t afford them anymore. I actually like regular and gel manicures so much more now!

Here are a few problems with my nail situation: most girls know how to paint their own nails nicely. They even know how to do awesome designs…I still can’t paint my own nails to save my life. Regular manis (especially gel!) get costly. I shop at Ulta frequently, and I check out the sticker-nail or stick-on nail stuff but it just doesn’t peak any interest.

Tonight, however, changed my nails’ life: I tried imPress Press-on Manicure. I got to admit, I laughed at this product I got for free with my super cute heels I bought from It came in a deep nude color, and I thought it was a little tacky. I was desperate today–I looked at my HIDEOUS nails and said “Okay, Meg time to hit L.A. for an overpriced gel mani even though I have to buy way too many things for my new house.” I found my trial impress package and decided to give them a shot, since on the package it says it can easily come off with nail polish remover.imPress Nails

I am SO HAPPY I embraced my fresh, new spirit of trying out stuff (I am not an adventurous girl) because I really like them! They were super easy to apply, cut, and file down. There’s no gross nail glue or stickiness; the bottom of the inside of the imPress nails comes with a tab you just peel off for adhesion! They can be long or short depending on your style. Here’s a pic of them!


I got them for free, but I plan on buying them in French mani and  hot pink! You can buy them at places like CVS or Walgreens! Plus, there’s a $1 off coupon for them!

Let me know if they work for you!


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