Baby Lips Lovin’!

I have been dying to write a post about my absolute fave beauty product/lifesaver in the ENTIRE WORLD: Maybelline Baby Lips.


For those of you who are Baby Lips worshippers, you know what the excitement and joy feels like every time you apply a new coat of this lip balm heaven. If you have yet to try this amazing product…you are denying yourself!

To the average person, including me at one time in my life, Baby Lips was just another useless chapstick that would never impress me or my extremely tiny, thin, parched lips.

But then, I tried Baby Lips. I was hooked.

After only a few uses, my lips felt soft and supple. I have very small and dried-out lips, and I have used tons of lip products that just didn’t moisturize right–chapstick was too cheap-feeling, carmex was always too greasy, and softlips ran out too quickly. The weather ruins my lips! In the winter, they’re always cracked, and in the summer they are always chapped. Baby Lips, with daily use, magically cured my lips into beautiful and healthy ones!

I use Baby Lips Quenched, one of the two clear lip balms on their line. I also have an adorable pink, Pink Punch, when I’m feeling super-flirty! It’s an amazing summertime party color.


They have two clear and four poppy and eye-catching colors: Quenched/Peppermint and Cherry Me, Grape Vine, Pink Punch, and Peach Kiss, respectively. There’s a shade for every style and taste! And speaking of which, they have a very subtle taste that is actually GOOD! Not too greasy, not too flavored, and not too smelly.

They are available at any place that sells Maybelline products: pharmacy stores (CVS, Walgreens), food markets, and beauty supply stores. They’re SUPER CHEAP, too! I got my Quenched at Ulta for about $4.

I am very loyal to all of the beauty products I use, and this one is always #1 on my list. I recommend EVERYONE to get Baby Lips! Go! Go! Go!


Using it everyday makes me HAPPY!


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