Carrie Monday: Have Wonderful Times!


Since I’m (almost) over my quarter-life crisis, I decided to have a Carrie Monday that inspires me when I’m feeling like a young, confused college girl (daily).

Just love! Love your family, love your besties, love your sorority sisters, love your lovahs, love your animals! Treat everyone amazingly and they’ll treat you the same back. Life is awful without a loved one to hold onto.

Make mistakes! It’s okay to make the wrong move when taking a job, yelling at a friend, or buying those hideous platform wedges with the pleather white straps. As long as you learn from it, appreciate what you learned, and move on!

Have wonderful times! Not everything in life is dull and boring! Go experience things. Get up everyday at 830 and stay all morning at the beach! Grab your best girls and get a little drunk while singing “It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere!” Go kayaking with your boyf even though falling in the bay terrifies you!

If you’re like me, with limited income this summer because your favorite jobs just can’t give you too many hours, appreciate that you have so much free time to LIVE!


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