Tradesy: A Win for Lovers of Style

I am finally done with finals and this craaaazy semester!!

Unfortunately for me, that means goodbye two paychecks, and hello broke winter break life. While I love the freedom of having practically zero responsibilities for a few weeks, I am def. going to be in need of some cash.

My answer to this problem?! Selling my amazing clothes, purses, and shoes of course on Tradesy of course!


NO THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST (I am not even cool enough to be considered for that, haha!), but rather it is a post of love. Getting paid for your beloved items that once brought you joy and happiness? Perfect.

Even more perfect? Finding incredible deals on discounted, gently used designer clothes.

Okay, so here’s how it works:
1. Rummage through your closet(s) for clothes, shoes, and accessories that are in GOOD shape that you want to get rid of.
2. Sign up for Tradesy, set up your account, and “sell” the items from your closet!
3. Take fabulous pictures of your product from all angles, and write a fun and thorough description! Be creative and make your description. SPARKLE! Like the way you would want someone to sell something fantastic to you.

Another tip – try not to oversell your items, but also try to remember their value! If you’re selling Tory Burch flats in mint condition, just because you wore them a few times does not make them worth only $10!

Good luck! Have fun shopping on this awesome site after you’re items have been sold!!

PS: If anyone is interested, here are the purses I’m actually selling right now!!


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