Skin Savers – When You Don’t Sleep An Extra Hour!

Did everyone enjoy their one extra hour of sleep last night? I certainly did…I needed it to finish my Sunday stock-up of HOMEWORK today (Why am I complaining…I’m a senior in college). I wanted to wake up and enjoy a mimosa, but maybe next weekend…

That extra hour of sleep is great for the skin, especially if you’re a busy bee like me who averages about 6 hours a night. Unfortunately we don’t always get an extra hour every Saturday night/Sunday morning to stay at the bar get some more ZZZ’s, so here are my steps with some fabulous products to help you make your skin look (and feel) radiant and healthy:


1. Cleanse/Exfoliate: Clean & Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Scrub – Exactly what you need to exfoliate the crap away from your face! It leaves your face all dewy and fresh.
2. Toner: Benefit Moisture Prep Toning Lotion – Benefit hoarder over here. I love the way this toner feels! Plus the bottle is sexy.
3. Moisturize: Fresh Lotus Youth Radiance Lotion – A new product I have been using, but I love it already. There are so many great ingredients in this lotion. It absorbs quickly and is great for everyday wear.

You CANNOT forget about your eyes; they are a huge part of looking young and fresh, but that’s another post for another day. For now, here is my absolute favorite morning eye product:

Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage – This cooling rollerball feels AMAZING – massaging away your ugly dark circles that make you look worn out.

Other tips:

1. WATER. I am the worst at drinking a lot of water, but I am getting better at incorporating it into my diet. There are so many great bennies for your skin (and overall health in general), like detoxing, preventing wrinkles, and adding that natural, gorgeous glow right to your face!
2. Changing your pillowcases often. Your skin (and hair!) will be picking up on the icky germs and grime that have been piling up there from your crazy week. Not good.
3. Yummy fruits! Fruits like blueberries, pomegranates, and strawberries help skin heal from blemishes, and give you a super-boost of Vitamin C.


Beauty for a Cause: Pink Products for Breast Cancer!

The gorgeous month of October may be almost over, but that doesn’t mean breast cancer awareness stops!

As most people (should) know, October is the month for all things pink and powerful: breast cancer awareness.

Not only is pink my favorite color (!), but I am extremely passionate about this cause! Taking care of your body is sexy, and educating yourself on how to look for breast cancer is empowering.

The statistic that motivates me every time? 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. ONE IN EIGHT. We need to continue fighting for women (and men) who have lost their lives to, are currently battling, or will be diagnosed with, breast cancer.

So put on and proudly use your favorite pink beauty products while spreading the message! These are some of my favorite pink shades and hues that make kicking cancer’s butt look amazing!


1. Sonia Kashuk Proudly Pink 5 PC Brush Set (note: I can’t find this sassy silver edition anymore, but Target is selling this sleek black set! They donate 15% of the purchase to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation)
2. NARS Blush in Desire
3. stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Paradise Pink
4. Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint Moisturizing Lip Color Balm in Budding Blossom
5. Aveda ‘hand relief – Breast Cancer Research Foundation Moisturizer’ ($4 of your hand relief purchase goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation)
6. Essie in Knockout Pout (probably the most elegant pink color ever)
7. MAC Lipstick in Candy Yum Yum (one of the hottest hues for make-up artists and beauty lovers right now!)
8. The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask (PERRRFECT for the harsh winter wind that dries your skin out immensely)
9. Benefit Posietint Lip and Cheek Stain

I cannot BEGIN to tell you how obsessed I am with every product Benefit sells. I picked up Posietint by accident and now can’t imagine living without it (a little dramatic but REALLY). I use it everyday on my cheekies and occasionally as a tint on my lips, because I have naturally very red lips!


Nothing says sweet and girly like this poppy pink shade good for both lips and the apples of your cheeks!

Enjoy, and remember to check yourselves! signoff1